Domain Registration

Domain Names plays a vital role for any businesses (from small size to large multi billion corporate) to present and show its importance in this internet occupied world.

We help our customers in selecting their right domain names representing their activities and building their websites.

Website Design & Management

Website Design

We design cost effective & easy-to-use websites.

Layout compatible with mobile, tablets and desktop for easy access.

  • Websites with static pages
  • Dynamic websites
  • Displays your products and services
  • Website Management

Email Solutions & Marketing

Email Accounts

Professional Email Accounts in [email protected] format at affordable costs.

With various features provided as follows.

  • User Management
  • Bulk Tasks
  • News Letters
  • POP3 access
Email Marketing
  • Affordable email marketing solutions
  • To manage subscribers, send emails, and follow results.

Hardware and IT services

Computer hardware and network needs of small companies that do not have full-time IT staff. We also contract our services to companies that need assistance on their day to day issues or projects.

Logo & Brochure Design

Logo & Catalogue Design

Our goal is to provide you with professional identity at a price that will fit your budget.

Online Advertisement

Online advertising or Internet advertising is a kind of advertising that you have to pay for displaying ads (Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Pay-Per-Impression (PPI), and banner/display ads).

We provide efficient marketing campaigns management and billing.


Electronic commerce

It is the trading or facilitation of trading in products or services using internet.

We offer online shopping web sites for retail sales direct to consumers.

Web Hosting

  • Web presence is the most important for a website.
  • Massive step of your business is an online presence